Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cease Indefintely

There apparently is a much more well established blog similar to this one. It is a lot more entertaining and full of great satirical content. Much of the stuff said here has already been long discussed there. So I've decided to cease this blog indefinitely, for one thing because it no longer has it's original flavor nor was it original in it's entirity. I considered the fact that it only focused on Asian American Culture as opposed to Asians in general, but there was no need to segregate Asians in a such a way. We are all Asians, whether Asian-American or not. It'd be kind of a bad thing to try to differ or, to some extent, say one is better than the other, which is what I thought having two separate blogs might entail.

So for the few fans that have come by and had some fun, thanks so much. And for anyone who stumbles across this on a night of internet surfing- check out the previous posts, I like them a lot.

For everyone, please be sure to check out

Don't worry, I'm currently planning on a brand new blog-

-Ryan Friday