Friday, April 4, 2008

#15 American Bands with Asian members

To begin this topic, I quote directly from a friend of mine:

Though it doesn't happen too often, once every blue moon when you find yourself in mosh full of asians and then realizing that the only reason you feel like you're in Asia is because one of the band members is also a member of a another much bigger band, Asia.

When it comes to American bands with at least one Asian (American) member, typically these bands have pretty big Asian (American) fan bases. Some of these bands include Daphne Loves Derby (Kenny Choi, vocals & guitar), Yellowcard (the violinist is believed to be part Asian), and of course accordingly to a previous post: Linkin Park.

Let me be clear however: the claim isn't that Asians like only bands with Asian members, or that they like these bands because they have asian members.. It's without a doubt Asians like other American bands without Asian members. But when it comes to seeing a band they like that happens to have an Asian (American) member, it is considered an added mega-bonus. To put it simply, they like the bands but they like bands even more because there is an Asian member.

It's exciting for Asians in this discovery. This discovery usually goes a little something like this:
Asian 1: Oh do you like it? Do you like this song?
Asian 2: Yeah this band is pretty good. Who is it?
Asian 1: It's _____. And get this, the bass guitarist is Korean, and the drummer is part Vietnamese
Asian 2: Oh really! WOW! can you burn me a copy/send it to me.

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