Monday, April 14, 2008

#16 University of California

Davis, Berkeley, UCLA, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Irvine; the Big 6 is what I like to call these Universities that Asians absolutely like. How do we know? Well on the horizon of graduating high school, Asians have the aspiration to attend one of these colleges. The clear cut evidence can be seen in plain statistics: pretty much a majority of the student bodies of the UC system are of Asian descent.

No disrespect intended to other colleges such as California State Universities and other private colleges, the drive for any upcoming Asian graduating student is to be a part of the system. Why? Well similar to why Asians like Medical school or engineering, it’s because their parents like these schools. For Asian parents to parade their children in front of other Asian parents is to compare or see which UC’s their children attend, on top of what they’re actually majoring in.

Though some may argue that well in general, Asians like all college, there however exists a high preference to University of California institutions. Often is the case where Asians make other colleges that are non-UC, or at least not on-par with the prestige of a UC, their back up plans in case they should not get accepted.

Getting into a UC for an Asian is almost as (if not, even more than) important as attaining a college degree. For the most infatuated Asians, it is pretty much “UC or bust,” as life would end if he or she would not be able to attend. But in most cases, the academic competitive nature Asians have with one another begins with what UC (or generally speaking, what college) they attend. Most conversation that Asians have with another when they first meet one another involves what college they attend, or plan to apply to. (that is, they don't currently attend the same one).

Then comes the faintly polite, but vicious conversation on which UC Asians believe is better than the other. As I said, most Asians are polite with one another when the topic should come up, but you can practically pick at the tension with a chopstick should you ever be lucky enough to hear Asians having this 'debate.'

Not to say Asians do not attend other non-UC colleges, but as we said before it is most likely that certain college was not their first choice. And if you're lucky, you'll hear their bitter rant on why UC institutions are overrated. And if you're really really lucky, you may get to see an Asian student attending a CSU, for example speak with one that attends a UC. Probably one of the most awkwardly entertaining exchange of words you'll ever hear, if your a fan of such things like myself. That certain conversation may go along a little like this:

Asian1: oh nice to meet you, so uhh what school do you go to?

Asian 2:I'm a sophomore at UCLA. Premed. How about you?

Asian1: Oh uhh. Yeah I go to uhh CAL State Long Beach.

Asian 2: Ohhh...... .. well that's cool.

Asian 1: Yeah... So uhh, nice weather huh?

Again, we hold no offense to those Asians, or anyone that attends a non-UC, the fact of the matter is many Asians do think like this. You will hear that sort of condescending tone Asian UC students will have in speaking with those Asians that don't attend one as well.

It's a bit of a different issue though when bring in the part about dating Asians with whatever topic we're covering. One doesn't actually have to be attending a UC, to date an Asian who does attend one. You better be sure though to hold as much respect for whatever UC that special Asian someone is attending. Be supportive and comment on how prestigious and wonderful that certain UC is.

"Oh you go to UC Berkeley? Oh wow that's quite accomplishment. You must feel proud."
"Oh you go to UCLA? I love the area down there. Such wonderful college atmosphere."

In the future we shall attempt to break down specific UC’s, and go more in depth as to what Asians like about them.

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