Wednesday, March 12, 2008

#11 Business Administration

We come to the last of our series of what Asians like in terms of career choices: Business Administration. Again the same reasons apply as I mentioned for both Med. School and Engineering. These Asians would hope to like to run their business or be in charge: CEO's, and what not when it comes to the business world.

Then there comes the controversial aspect of the "Glass Ceiling," which Asians may explain to you. If you do not know, the "Glass Ceiling" is a metaphor for an invisible barrier that prevents Asians from reaching these CEO and Managerial positions that Asians ultimately sought out for in becoming a BA major. (for more information, is offers a fair amount of detail about it.) Asians are split on whether or not they agree the "Glass Ceiling" really exists. Though if you'd like to engage in some interesting conversation (more so, 'hit on') with an Asian Business Administration candidate, ask him or her if they believe it exists. Just prepare yourself via the link above if need be, it's a bit of a sensitive topic to some.

And as always, BA offers a very competitive field of Asian candidates. Though one can admit the material in these classes aren't as difficult compared to their engineering and pre-med counterparts, but the sheer competition that comes along with these classes is just as, if not even more, intense. Some Asians become involved in frats/sororities/clubs and join Business Administration related internships as to boast their resumes. Again it comes to down to who is involved in the most things. In the classes, Asians are even more notorious in keeping certain things from each other; even though I've personally seen Asians study together for these classes. Though there's nothing more annoying for Asians than having to help other Asians, especially ones that are well behind or not as good with the material, because in the end, it's every Asian for him or herself.

note: some may argue that I should include pre-law, however based on my own observations, there are far more Asians that like these three aforementioned career choices. However if anyone wants attests to this, by all means...

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Ohh, i need to stop reading this. I have a BA10 test tmw. OMG. Hahahaha.