Thursday, March 20, 2008

#13 Phở

Though this is specifically a Vietnamese dish, Phở is widely popular with all Asians. If you do not know what Phở is, it's basically a rice-noodle soup in a beef broth. Phở is usually eaten in the morning or early afternoon. Some Asians may tell you that Phở is the perfect cure for any hangover.

Phở places are usually your average 'mom & pop' places. Though there are a few commercialized establishments, Asians aren't quite the fan of these. Ask any Asian, and each of them have their own specific Phở place they usually go to and may possibly claim that not many other people know about it.

Asians each have their own method of consuming Phở, as one can have it with all the bean sprouts, leafy greens such as cilantro, and a little bit of hot sauce; or perhaps without any vegetables at all and pretty much drenching the Phở in hot sauce so then it becomes reddish in unecessary spiciness. Either way, specifically with contemporary Asian-American culture, Phở is a fun, entertaining, and sociable thing for Asians to eat. When non-Asians are saying "let's go on a burrito run," Asians can be found saying " let's go on a Phở run." Nothing against burritos, but Phở for Asians is just like any other food where people go out to eat and hang out.

And as I always like to mention, if you'd like to do the infamous 'go out to lunch' or 'do lunch' with an Asian person, take them out for some Phở but do your best and find a "dive" Phở place. ( as simliar to the term "dive bar").

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