Wednesday, February 27, 2008

#1 Bloggers

Whether it be livejournal, blogspot, or of course the famous Asian-oriented Xanga, Asians love to do their blogging. This gives Asians the chance to emotional without having to show it. "I'm emo, but only on the internet." Here Asians get to do some artificial 'self-finding' or 'self-discovery' where it seems that if people can read about what is going inside my head, then maybe the answers will come to me.

Yes Asians love their blogging, it is where they get to talk about anything they want and hope to god someone will respond to it. And most of which when an Asian is blogging, he or she actually has a specific aim to who they want to be reading. Asians tend to be less inclined to be direct with their feelings or opinions, and so it gets brought to attention in a xanga or myspace blog. One may think that this is harmless, and that someone can't really take what is written online so seriously. That is hardly the case for Asians, I've seen friendships die away, relationships disperse, and opinions of one another completely change. Asians seem to take their blogging a lot more seriously than everyone else.

Then there are the really emotional blogs, where Asians are constantly stating how much things suck for them. Writing papers, studying for tests, jealous girlfriends, unaffectionate boyfriends, about not enough people liking them, not enough (good looking) friends. Though one can claim that "this applies to any blogger" then I suppose to be more specific to Asian blogging, then it's this: Asians get extremely let down when they soon discover, after writing such a heartfelt, emotional, well thought out blog, and no comments or responses are left. "What the, no one cares about me? sob sob"

This seems to be the sole purpose of why Asians have a to reveal whatever feelings that they as notoriously shy Asians, have trouble expressing. It is for the aim of receiving some sort of compassion they can't get for themselves in the real world. Or another reason, which is a bit similar to this one, there are certain things Asians are proud of and it's their way showing how non-Asian they 'think' and use words. (that is a future post, proving to everyone they aren't Asian).

I'm evidently including myself in the "slew" of bloggers as I too am too guilty of the act of blogging.
here's proof


Chris said...
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chris chung said...

hell yes. good start. stay tuned for emotional spillings of my heart on my blog.

Rail Claimore said...

It's also true of white asiaphiles as well, particularly those into anime.

I think I'm gonna go cry on LJ now...

ninicupcake said...

Uh.. Don't fully agree with you. I have to say that I'm not blogging to get some comments, although I must say that it ís fun to get comments. (: But that's not my reason to blog and I believe that's not necessarily the most important reason for a lot of other bloggers.

My reason for blogging is mostly improve my English and to get my thoughts on paper, organised and well. And since blogging is such a hype I thought oh well, why not give it a try.

Above that, most of my friends don't even know I have blogspot. For what it's worth it, they don't even know what blogspot is.

Oh, long comment >< anyway enjoyable post to read haha, keep up the good work.

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Anonymous said...

Blogging is totally a white people thing. Asians work on their homework, make money and probably consider maintaining blogs a waste of time. And if they want to waste time, they'll do it playing video games instead. Truth