Friday, February 29, 2008

#4 "More Than Words" (Filipinos)

For my own personal amusement, we're going to focus on a specific Asian ethnicity, only cause it's pretty funny. but this is something Filipinos like. But don't worry, in the future, for the purpose of other people's amusement, we'll be doing other specific Asian ethnicities.

We are definitely talking about the song "More Than Words" originally by a band called Extreme. but covered by various artists including the popular BB Mack version.

I can tell this is overly specific, and perhaps "sappy, acoustic love ballads" might suffice. However, the song "More Than Words" is just so distinct we give it it's own post.

We're actually not talking about how many Filipinos looove this song, but there is just as many who hate this song. The importance of this song to Filipino culture is that every Filipino has had some extensive exposure to the it. Whether it was a song between a boyfriend or girlfriend from back in high school, or it's your future wedding song, or you have had friends/brothers/sisters/ who have played this song so much that you'd do nothing but punch a baby in the face upon hearing it again. (thanks Dane Cook).

The point is, whenever a Filipino hears this song, some sort of really positive or negative reaction occurs and flashback to whatever moment or person is briefly experienced by the listener.

So be careful next time you're with a Filipino and you mention or perhaps even play this song for him or her, you will get one of the following reactions:
1)oooo I looove this song.
2)oooo. it's this song. ha . ha . ha (has a flashback)
3)ooooo. I oh man, change it now.

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