Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Welcome. After reading the hilarious blogs from I figured the guy is probably Non-White, and then reading further probably an Asian American who attends or attended some University of California, Berkeley, UCLA, or SD possibly because ofthe excellence and conciseness of his blogs. (I'm unsure if the blogger is male or female so bare with me). But I thought to myself, why stop there? Aren't Asian Americans just as viable to social satire as white people are? There is no intention to hurt or imply the superiority of non-whites to whites, so neither are we implying the same with this blog. So as the description says for this, don't think this is racist if you think stuffwhitepeoplelike is not racist. It's all in good fun.

Though I of course welcome productive criticism, but so long as they don't consist of:
"We're not all like that."
"We don't all do that."
"I don't do that, so you're wrong."

That is ridiculous. Either your lying to yourself, or you're just an idiot. Of course the things said aren't true for everyone, but they're funny to assume and read about which is all that matters. Again I refer back to the brilliant website stuffwhitepeoplelike, and I notice those who seem to be white do not attest or bash the blogger for his generalized accusations and's a thing to laugh at. Those who can laugh at themselves are always good company for everyone, though it seems in society that most people cannot embrace idea, and when I say most people I mean most non-white people. But I suppose this whole blog is created for the purpose of testing that theory, and with the fact that I believe it is mostly Asian Americans that read blogs consistently in the first place. (a future entry).

Note: I recently found out that the person behind stuffwhitepeoplelike is actually a white person. That just makes it even more awesome.

So anyway, I hope to see you back often.

Ryan Friday

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Anonymous said...

Your blog is hilarious but, unfortunately, completely full of misconceptions and generalizations. But still, your BS is entertaining. I mean, cognac?! Snow Boarding?! Basketball?! Tapioca?! Pho?! Karaoke?! WTF, man!