Thursday, February 28, 2008

#2 Kareoke

This is quite obvious and a bit trite, but deserves mention... yes no one loves kareoke nearly as much as Asians do. It is almost required for all Asians to like Kareoke and everything about it. Where are all the Asians on a Saturday night? They're all at your local KTV, singing their hearts out to various popular American songs, and songs popular from whatever Asian ethnicity they're affiliated with. Don't know what KTV stands for? That's Kareoke T.V for all you non-Asians. Just think of bar, add a whole bunch of rooms each with a huge television, leather couch seating, a huge glass table, several microphones, party-clubbing lights such a disco ball, and a binder 10000 pages long full of American songs, Filipino Songs, Chinese Songs, Korean Songs, Japanese Songs, and if your lucky, Indian songs.

There's also the Magic Mic which is pretty much a portable KTV. Imagine if a t.v remote and a microphone had a child, then out would come the Magic Mic, that can directly attach to your T.V with all the songs stored inside of it, but only about 1000-2000 songs. With the coming of the Magic Mic, every Asian party can enjoy the wonders of Kareoke without having a Laser Disc player, seperate microphones, and a stereo system. This is were the infamous American Idol-mic originated from and other forms of.

Asians are the first to appreciate singing songs that don't belong to them and without having to memorize the words. Oddly enough we don't see many Asians on American Idol, even though they do more singing of songs that aren't theirs more than anyone else. It's okay, Asians know they can't really compare to non-Asian singers, but that's the beauty of Asians and their Kareoke. Those who clearly know they cannot sing are still secure with themselves to have a good time, singing in every incorrect key and ruining the greatest songs of our time. You'd think, like all other Non-Asians, they would be drinking or at least influenced by some substance to engage in such an act like Kareoke, but no they don't need any of that all. Asians are more than willing to show off their singing. No one else takes more pride in singing terribly in front of crowd than Asians..they're all just here to have a good time. Like any other sport, you don't have to be excellent at singing to do Kareoke, and Asians embrace this.

So if you happen to be trying to date an Asian person, or have Asian friends you need to entertain for 2-8 hours, just mention "KTV" and they will go nuts. Especially Asians who are somewhat new to this country, you won't even have to speak much English, as every one of them understands KTV. And again you don't even have to be a terrific singer, just be sure you participate, all Asians find those who don't join at Kareoke party poopers (thus, losers). Just like in dancing at clubs, there is no wall flowering allowed without looking stupid, when it comes to Kareoke. Worried that there won't be a song you know available? NO WAY, most KTV's keep up to date with all the popular stuff of today...outside of hard metalcore, or underground hip hop. (a future post)

If Asians could, they would be putting there efficiency in Kareoke on their resumes, such as "Can consistently score 100's on Celine Dion songs, and U2 songs."


lisa p said...

haha you spelled karaoke wrong but i like this blog.

et21kv said...

What kind of magic mic do you have? I am thinking of buying et21kv model. Just wondering if yours is better that the model that i like.

singtothe said...

Everyone tends to think it is just Japan that loves Kareoke, but reading blogs like this you get a true understand of how much it is loved elsewhere in the continent too! You raise a good point however; why don't you see more Asians in reality singing shows?