Friday, March 14, 2008

#12 Choreographed Dancing

A few years ago, the t.v show Asians commonly watched was "The Wade Robinson Project." Now recently, it is "America's Best Dance Crew." Asians absolutely, perhaps even more than kareoke itself, love choreographed dancing. It is but one of the only things Asians are capable of being better at than other non-Asians. We can easily see this, as the top competitors on America's Best Dance Crew are, you guessed it, Asian American crews: Kaba Modern and Jabbawockeez (with the exception of their lonesome black member).

If you look at most dance organizations on a college campus, or even dance organizations in general, the largest and more popular ones are founded and consist mostly of Asians. I'm not saying all Asians are able to do choreographed dancing, it's just that most (exceptional) choreographed dancing is being done by Asians.

Moreover, Asians love watching choreographed dancing. They flip out in a moments notice if some event were to arise that involved some form of choregraphed dancing showcase or competition. Asians become significantly turned on seeing sexy dance moves, remixes, flips, and jumps, "isolations" and the like. Asians are even in love with the image that a dancer must portray. It's quite tricky to maintain this image, but Asians find this incredibly attractive, let alone the ability to do choregraphed dancing.

If you ever want to ultimately impress an Asian person let me give a seperate message to guys and girls.
Girls: easy, just dress like a (hip-hop) dancer. You don't necessarily have know how to dance. Just maintain a rythym. To accomplish this, just go to the beat, count in your may captivate an Asian guy's attention with your cool cute urban dancer outfit, but not having any rythym would drive them away.

Guys: this is a bit more tricky. You indeed also have to come with the same urban-dancer-hip-hop outfit, but you may also need to know some actual dance moves rather than just having rythym. Asian ladies love a nifty, fancy dancer and if you can pull this off, you've done more than enough to impress her. And do not under any circumstances mix "cool dance moves" with "freaking," this does not qualify you as a dancer, but just another dirty hound in the club. You're trying to impress, not harass.

And most of all, be sure to mention something about Kaba Modern or Jabawockeys being your favorite dance crews on A.B.D.C. Success is yours.


Brian said...

i loooooove america's best dance crew!

lisa p said...

haha i love kaba modern! im sad they didnt win..but yay for the other (almost) asian dance crew!